TXT R.I.P is an animated smartphone short, which will bring to life the text messages we regret sending or receiving. We will uncover the wealth of secrets and stories, buried in our phones both old and new. From the smartphones we scrutinise early in the morning and late at night, to the discarded mobiles we once owned, once precious and now obsolete.
We’ll spend the next six months looking for contributors, who are willing to share a previously hidden text message. A message they regret sending or receiving.

Our users will ring the TXT R.I.P mobile. The project voicemail will ask them recount the final text message and the story behind it. Each storyteller will recount their message, who it was from or to, the relationship between each subject, the how and why of the final communication breakdown.

Each voicemail will provide a catalyst to explore the wider story. We’ll bring each one of our stories to life on an Iphone7. Mobile phones will be used as way of exploring the present as well as the past. Stories and relationships that were originally mediated through mobile phones will now be bought to life using the latest in smartphone filming techniques.

TXT R.I.P offers users a chance to see their phone come to life in a cinematic version of their once small screen story. The process will provide a chance to let go, to turn a wound into a scar…to overcome the limitations of text over voice, to consider whether the medium was right for the message.