Gallery partnerships

TXT R.I.P is part of TEXT ME, an award winning multiplatform arts project produced in partnership with BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art in Newcastle. This interactive storytelling project asks gallery visitors and online users to share and reflect on their previously hidden text messages.

When TEXT ME launched at BALTIC in February 2016, we asked participants to spend five minutes scrolling through their own text archives and select a message they wanted to share. Users entered their message into a LED display.

BALTIC has approximately 500,000 visitors a year. Both the online and gallery launch of TEXT ME provide a valuable opportunity to build an extensive audience for the TXT R.I.P film audience.

TEXT ME launched at BALTIC on Valentine’s Day 2016. Following six months of workshops and events, TEXT ME will culminate in a six week exhibition opening on November 3rd 2016.

TEXT ME as a touring exhibition will also travel to MIT and La Gaîté Lyrique in Paris, a gallery space which, ‘Transcends genres to explore contemporary music, the visual arts, cinema, games, design and the web’.